ReGroup: Breathe

This week I started Priscilla Shirer’s study, “Breathe.”  Holy moly ladies.  I could just stop writing these posts and refer to that study.  It is so good. 21.  Breathe. When I was younger I used to honestly pray God would make me anorexic for just a month or two.  I have always struggled with my […]

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ReGroup: Be Amazed

My name is Cary and I’m a bad blogger.  Forgive me.  When planning the #Write31Days challenge I did not plan on getting sick.  I was going to fill in the dates with what I originally mapped out for the month but God impressed on me today while washing my daughter’s long tangled hair in the […]

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ReGroup: Make Christmas Lists

I’m a list maker.  Really, I love making lists.  One of my favorite features on my phone is the Notes app.  I can make lists wherever I am.  The current lists I have on my phone are:  Groceries, Christmas Lists, Doctor Notes, At Work, etc.  You get the idea.  Surely, by now you’ve noticed that […]

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ReGroup: Be Honest

Last month when I made the list of titles for #Write31Days I wrote “Be Honest” on day 17.  I don’t really know what my original thought was but because I love a good list I’m going to offer some thoughts on being honest. 17.  Be Honest Proverbs has a couple of things to say about […]

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ReGroup: Purge Your Kitchen

Did you have fun purging your closet?  Have you even attempted to do it yet?  Are you still in Phase 1?  That’s okay.  Why not move on to your kitchen? 16.  Purge Your Kitchen If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen purging your kitchen might be the most cleansing thing EVER.  Between […]

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ReGroup: Change Your Self Talk

“This doesn’t look good on me.” “My hair is too big today.” “I never liked these pants.” “All I’ll ever be is a/an…” Those are things we all say or have said at one time to ourselves.  Most of us don’t walk around like Eeyore, we really try to keep it together on the outside. […]

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ReGroup: Enjoy Your Kids

Today is my oldest child’s birthday!  He is 5 years old today.  So why not incorporate children into the ReGroup series too? 14.  Enjoy Your Kids Guess what?  We’re all busy.  I feel like it’s become a badge of honor to say you are too busy to do something.  It’s not (side note:  read Kevin […]

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