Book Review

Book Review: Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Every once JPNEEin a while everyone needs to read a book that is encouraging about a real person sharing real things that happened in their real life. I have read a couple of books like this and enjoyed them thoroughly. I need to add, “Jesus + Nothing = Everything,” by Tullian Tchividjian to that list. By reading the chapter titles alone you can sense the author’s honesty coming forth: God’s Mercy in My Misery, Wanting it All, Black Holes, Fully Exposed, All Glorious, etc. To get a glimpse of his honesty he writes, “Eventually, they may even lose all faith in the only-God-can-satisfy claim. They lose their proper sense of the everything.”

Since the author is so honest let me be honest. When I first read the opening pages he sounded like a Debbie Downer but as you read on he is completely honest with his reader. He says in the very beginning that he loves the gospel. That is super clear as you read on in part two, “…when it comes to Christian life and experience, many of us have understood the gospel as the thing that gets us in, while the thing that keeps us in (we assume) is our own effort and performance.”

I love books with little extras like study questions or extra resources. The author ends this book with 26 other books about the gospel. If you are ending your year needing a little pick me up go pick up this book, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to Crossway books for the complementary copy of this book for reviewing purposes. To buy this book or watch the author’s video please visit

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