What is Your Third Place

In his book, “Onward,” Howard Shultz says that Starbucks is our third place. Meaning home is your first place (because you live there), work is your second place (where you spend most of your time after your home), and Starbucks is your third place (because you hang out there). I’ve heard this same insight relating to TV sitcoms because most sitcoms center around three places. An example, is the TV classic, “Friends,” they centered around Monica’s apartment, Joey’s apartment, and Central Perk. Think about it. You, more than likely, have three places in your life.

My three places seemed pretty pathetic when I started thinking about it: Home, Home, Church. Since I work at home I have home in two places and after home I spend a lot of time at church. As a stay at home mom it’s easy to get stuck in this world that seems rather pathetic compared to the hustle and bustle of most people’s lives. I’ve been pondering the idea of the three places for a couple of weeks and marrying it with a small group Chris has been teaching based on Ronnie Floyd’s book, “Our Last Great Hope,” that teaches the importance and urgency of the Great Commission. Recently, in our group a fellow stay at home mom said she had been praying about who she could reach because she did not leave the island that was her life and she said out of no where her son started asking questions about Hell and where bad people go when they die. Then she realized she could still make quite an impact in her minivan. Trust me, our son is no where near asking those questions but I must remember my bubble is not so pathetic but rather important.

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