Book Review

Book Review: Between a Rock and a Grace Place

Carol Kent

When I first saw Carol Kent’s book, “Between a Rock and a Grace Place,” I figured I knew what it was about. I knew her back story and thought her life really is in a hard place seeing as her son is serving a life sentence for murder. Yes, you read that right. If you haven’t heard of Carol Kent that is the VERY short version of her story. Which she does go into more detail at the beginning of this book.

However, this book is more than her story. It is the story of anyone that has ever had to forgive in order to move on in their own life. She, not only, shares her story but also the stories of her friends and people she’s met along this journey that is her life, and her “new normal.” I’ve never heard Carol Kent speak but reading this book you feel like you are having coffee with her in her kitchen. I love when authors can make you feel that way. You see her heart in this and it’s not always nice and neat and orderly, as you can imagine.

There were several times I had to put the book down and really soak up what she wrote. It is a quick read, in that, it flows very easily but mentally you should not read through it quickly. It would also be a great resource for a small group of women.

Thank you Zondervan Publishing for the complementary copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

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