Chasing After Trends: #KONY2012

konyI am not a trendy person at all. The most trendy thing about me is probably that I own a pair of Toms and I only have those because my mom bought them for me for Christmas last year. Since becoming a stay at home mom in 2009 I am mostly out of pop culture trends. Perhaps that is why I love Twitter. If something is really important I’ll read about it on Twitter. At this very second what is trending on Twitter? #LetsDoThis, #PrayForMexico, and #EarthquakeinMexico . See, now I know there was an earthquake in Mexico. Done.

A couple of days ago, maybe weeks ago now #KONY2012 was trending on Twitter but I never gave in. I never clicked any links. Until today. I’m currently reading the book, “Collision,” by Stefne Miller and in that book she talks about Kony! For real. Read it. So then I thought maybe I should have clicked on the links. Well, never fear, I went to Stefne Miller’s blog and found an article about it and she even embedded the original video. If you are behind trends, like myself, you must read her blog post and watch the video at the bottom.

Warning: The things that are said in the video are disturbing, gross, and sickening. The images in the video are disturbing, gross, and sickening. But it all prompts the question: What will I do? What can my family do? It doesn’t matter what people around you are doing or even what your church is doing–what are YOU doing? In the end, how you care, love, and value the least of these will speak volumes.

Side note: I also know that one of the founders of the organization that made the video had, what some are saying, a mental breakdown of sorts. This does not change the message of #KONY2012. After reading Stefne’s blog post and watching the video you should also read this article: Kony 2012: Mobs, Takedowns and Meltdowns, but Very Little Truth by Alex Perry.

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