GCD: Girl Fight!

Girl FightRemember when you were in school and you would hear, “Girl fight!” everyone would come running to watch because who didn’t want to see two girls pull each other’s hair out over a boy or something else equally stupid?!  Well, that’s how excited/passionate I get about women’s discipleship.  I use the girl fight analogy because I just finished going through Jonathan Dodson’s book, “Gospel Centered Discipleship,” and he uses the term “Fight Clubs,” for discipleship groups because essentially you are fighting Satan daily to stay in fellowship with Christ.  But before I jump on the Jonathan Dodson fan bus let’s go back a year.

Last fall I went through a chronological Bible study with a group of young women.  The women’s ministry guru (we’ll call her Mollie) at our church had this great material from another church that was one year long.  I was stoked!  I am a nerd at heart and any excuse to dig into the hows and whys of the Bible AND relating it all back to women was an amazing idea to me.  But then again, my family did play Bible Trivia for fun (we only had three TV channels and one TV) when I was growing up.  This study was awesome.  There was no fancy workbook or DVD, you used only your Bible and any commentaries you might have if you were especially studious.  Weeks into the study my group stayed consistent and they really got into it.  I loved every Thursday night with those ladies.  As we were approaching the end they started to ask what was next.  They couldn’t simply go back to a “regular” Bible study after this awesome one.  I suggested a couple of things but ultimately they wanted to do it all over again, some even taking what we already did and teaching it to small groups in the student ministry!  Amazing!

While going through this awesome year long study I was introduced to “Gospel Centered Discipleship,” by Jonathan Dodson.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that book!  I read through it and marked almost every page with my signature check mark in front of every sentence I concur with.  I passed it on to my husband.  He has to buy his own copy because all my check marks are too distracting.  We compile a group of guys and girls to go through the book during the summer.  They are challenged to take what they have read and put it into practice.  So what does this have to do with girls fighting?

Well, last week I read an incredible, eye opening article about women being chronically under-challenged in the church.  I quickly forwarded it to my guru friend.  One paragraph stood out and made me laugh and made me sad:

“This is how the church challenges women: Attend the Christmas tea. Keep quiet. Being a mother is your highest calling. The best way to serve your neighbors is to indulge in shopping for fair trade items you don’t need. Enjoy spa day, frequently. Be modest. Be sexy in a Christian way. Lose weight by praying and eating foods grown in ancient Palestine. Breastfeed or else. Your greatest accomplishment is being weak enough to be rescued and protected. Stay in the background. Spend all your time with other Christian women. You’re too busy; let us make life easier for you.”

Ladies, we seriously need to stand on the gospel and fight.  Fight for our families, fight for each other but above all else just fight for yourself.  There’s a whole batch of lies Satan has you believing and as long as you are believing them you are counter-productive for the Kingdom.  Don’t fall into the trap that you are too busy fighting for everyone else  you can’t fight for yourself.  That is a lie Satan wants women to believe.  He knows we crave control and “need” control.  What better way to control a situation than to throw your life under the bus of, “I have to do this or no one else will.”  Get a girl fight going.  Read, “Gospel Centered Discipleship,” with a group of trusted, godly women and live it out ladies.  God did not create us to sit on the side lines, we are called to support but supporting does not mean you are a door mat to society.  You have wisdom and gifts to offer.  Offer them.

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