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Book {And Curriculum} Review: She’s Got Issues

Shes Got Issues coverNicole Unice has hit the nail on the head with her book and DVD, “She’s Got Issues:  Seriously good news for stressed-out, secretly scared control freaks like us.”  With chapter titles like:  More than  Mediocre, Surrendering the Kung-Fu Control Grip, Attaching the Anchor, and Anger Is for Fools Like Me you know there will be something for every female you know!
The book reads like a magazine due to the author’s honesty and the quizzes and surveys placed throughout each chapter.  The chapters are short so you could easily read a chapter a week and meet with a small group for discussion.  Each chapter also has a journaling exercise, and a link for a short video by the author.

When reviewing the DVD she does not break down every chapter of the book in the DVD but she does combine them.  When used in a small group setting the book should be combined with the DVD.  The DVD is very refreshing simply because it is as if you are meeting in Nicole’s house with a group of friends not being preached at in a large group.  I actually tested this DVD and book with our small group of 20 somethings and so much discussion came from just one meeting.  Of course, the chapter I chose to test was the control issue chapter.  When I told friends I was reviewing this book almost all of them said they needed to read that book!

This book is not too deep and not too shallow either.  Let’s agree most books written for women are about as deep as the kiddie pool in your back yard.  Unice does an incredible job of tying Biblical teaching to modern day issues women have but she doesn’t make you feel like the only one either.  As the says in the introduction, “If you’ve ever wondered whether life lived with God can really change you, if you’ve wondered whether God’s offer of freedom and beauty apply right in the middle of your ordinary issues, if you’ve yearned for a better life, then welcome.”

To purchase this book, read a sample chapter, or download the discussion guide click here.

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