Book Review

Book Review: Dangerous Calling

Dangerous CallingWhen my husband was in seminary I was a good seminary wife that worked on campus so my husband’s tuition was free; which in return meant I was usually the one that picked up his textbooks each semester since he worked off campus.  Every semester I would either be really nerdy and read some of the books or I would wonder if I would ever see certain books again once he graduated.  I hope Paul Tripp’s latest book, “Dangerous Calling,” is on the list for required reading in all seminary classes.  I hope instead of learning ways to fold napkins every seminary wife reads this book.

For better or worse we have seen a lot of circumstances Tripp talks about in this book.  I believe most people to not realize the isolation and sometimes desperation that occurs in a minister’s life and also his family’s life.  Tripp gives several examples of how he has seen these circumstances throughout his ministry and his own life.  You might be thinking this book sounds like a downer but I assure you sometimes it’s refreshing to know you are not the only one that has struggled with such issues.  If you watch the news you know it is quite newsworthy for a minister to fail in the world’s eyes.  However, as a minister you can either relate or feel extreme sadness for that person that is having their face plastered all over the news.  “Dangerous Calling,” is a must-read for ministers, their wives, counselors, deacons, etc.

Walking a day in your minister’s shoes could open a whole new world for you.  Being called to ministry is usually something men try for years to run from because it is not always fun or encouraging.  Most of the time it’s really hard; sin is messy therefore people are messy and if you are walking with someone through mess you are more than likely going to get some mess on you.  Be careful and be encouraged by this book.

Thanks to Crossway Publishing and NetGalley for the complementary copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

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