Curriculum Review

Curriculum Review: Why Do You Believe That


Image“Why Do You Believe That,” by Mary Jo Sharp was released late last year to some excitement among women ministry circles because it was so different. This was not your typical fill in the blank study, this was a study teaching you how to conversate with people about God and your beliefs. I would call this study an apologetic primer because it simply wets your appetite to get you more interested. Mary Jo Sharp does not spoon feed the answers to you but rather she gives you the resources and appetite for you to search and find the answers yourself.
Last year I heard Mary Jo Sharp at a women’s ministry conference and LOVED her. I have taught young adult ladies for most of my adult life and I hear, “I don’t like being yelled at,” as the reason they don’t participate in ladies Bible studies that are based on videos. In their defense, no one really likes to be yelled at but also some Bible teachers are genuinely excited about what they teach and when you are excited you tend to raise your voice. It’s refreshing that Mary Jo Sharp came from a public school teaching background because that is how she teaches in her videos. You can tell she is excited about what she’s teaching and you can tell she is knowledgeable and little bit nerdy too. I use the word, “nerdy,” in a positive way because she’s real, she’s honest, and she laughs at herself.

I highly recommend this study for any female small groups. The study is also six weeks long so if your normal semester is 12 weeks it would be easy to follow up this study with a more in-depth book study like, “The Reason for God,” by Tim Keller.

For more information on this study and Mary Jo Sharp visit

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