Book Review

Book Review: The Reason for God

The Reason for God coverMy review of this book is based on its use as a book in a small group setting along with the discussion guide by the same name.

My Thursday night small group as been studying apologetics this semester.  We started with, what I Reason for God Discussion Guideconsidered, an apologetic primer using Mary Jo Sharp’s book, “Why Do You Believe That?”  Needing something to follow up we selected Tim Keller’s book, “The Reason for God.”  This was an excellent decision.  We read the book along with the DVD and discussion guide.  The book is fourteen chapters long, where as the video/discussion guide is only six sessions so you will not complete this book if you follow along with the video.  However, several of the girls in my group are going to finish the book on their own time because they love it so much.

“The Reason for God,” should be on your apologetic reading list.  Tim Keller does an excellent job asking tough questions (that most skeptics will and do ask) and filtering through the question to help you understand what you truly believe and how to dialogue with someone about it.  The chapters include everything from, “There Can’t Be Just One True Religion,” to “How Can a Loving God Send Someone to Hell?”  I like this book so much because Keller’s first answer is not, “That’s what the Bible says.”  He goes into the science and history and uses the Bible as a historical document, because we know that if a person doesn’t believe in the Bible you can’t keep quoting the Bible–that cannot be your first and only answer to their questions and doubts.

This book is a thorough read for anyone wanting to learn more about apologetics but not wanting to get a Master’s degree in it.  Used in a small group setting it is also good because, all by itself, it sparks discussion and stories and makes the reader more confident in their beliefs to feel comfortable engaging with their skeptic friends about their beliefs.

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