Ruth: Her Character

Wheat FieldsToday I was reading the book of Ruth and kept coming across qualities of Ruth that I admire.  Most of the time I can’t just read something from the Bible.  I usually read it as if I’m going to teach it, marking points and qualities and circling words that are important to me and the character.  Let me share with you some qualities of Ruth that we should all strive towards:

Loyal (Ruth 1:16) Ruth showed some attitude with her mother-in-law in the beginning chapters.  Imagine the widow Naomi.  She’s depressed, she has lost her husband and her two sons, the last thing she wants to do is take care of two more widows.  But we see in this dialogue between Ruth and Naomi Ruth is willing to take care of Naomi.

Determined (Ruth 1:18) Ruth’s attitude and determination finally win the day and chapter one ends with them both returning to Naomi’s homeland.

Hard Working (Ruth 2:7) Ruth is taking care of her mother-in-law by waking up early and heading to the wheat fields, only taking a short break.  Imagine again the workers on this field.  Who is the quiet girl working early in the morning and not talking to anyone?

Obedient (Ruth 3:5) Naomi has laid out the plan for Ruth at the beginning of chapter three and Ruth simply responds by saying, “All that you say I will do.”  Done.  No questions asked.  Ruth obeyed the mantra at our house of “Obey the first time.”

Brave (Ruth 3:9) This is where Ruth shows some real gumption.  Aside from the customs of the day think about this in today’s context:  uncovering a man’s feet and laying next to him.  Up to this point Ruth hasn’t exactly been the life of the party at the wheat field, Boaz has protected her, but up to this point he hasn’t really talked to her very much.  According to scripture no one has really talked to her very much.

If you are a girl that grew up in church you might skim through the book of Ruth because you know the whole redeemer story line.  Let’s remove the redeemer story line and focus on Ruth’s character.  I pray as you read scripture new things come to life for you.

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