Ruth: Determined

And when Naomi saw that she was determined to go with her, she said no more.  Ruth 1:18

You know those spy movies where the girl is arguing with the boy about going with him and finally the boy lets her come then time after time she falls or makes a noise and you wish the boy would have left the girl behind!  I’m thinking of Jason Bourne movies when I use this illustration.  Well, I don’t think Ruth was that annoying when she accompanied Naomi.  I believe Ruth truly loved Naomi and was determined to stay by her side and care for her.

According to “determined,” means, “resolute, decided.”  We get the idea by reading this scripture that Ruth was resolute in her decision.  Her “yes” means “yes” and her “no” means “no.”  Do you know what kind of confidence she must have had to be that type of person.  These are the times I wish we knew more about Ruth.  Who doesn’t want their daughter to grow up and be like Ruth?  How did her parents teach her this?  Was she a first-born child?  Was she the youngest?  These are things we do not know about Ruth, we only know the woman she became and so far we know she was loyal and determined.

In his book, “All the Women of the Bible,” Herbert Lockyer calls Ruth, “a determined convert.”  In all our admiration of Ruth we must not forget that she came from a pagan filled land.  Lockyer also says, “Had Ruth accompanied Orpah to Moab and to obscurity, she would have returned to the altars of Baal.  But now with God in her heart, she longed to live with those people “whose God is the Lord.”  Praise God for Ruth’s determination.

1.  Who is another example of someone who was determined in scriptures?
2.  What is one area of your life you need to be more resolute about?
3.  Ask God to make that happen for you and follow His leading just as Ruth followed Naomi’s.

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