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Book Review: Eat Move Sleep

EatMoveSleepCoverYou know those health books that are full of statistics, research, percentages, numbers, and guilt ridden chapters?  Well, rest easy Tom Rath has written a book that won’t make you feel like a complete fat and lazy sloth.  A “normal” non-scientist could pick up this book, read it, and actually put it into practice.  Rath has organized his book into 30 short chapters to ideally be read one chapter a day with one suggestion involving, eating better, moving more, and sleeping better.

Rath starts off the introduction with the reason he cares about eating, moving, and sleeping.  If you are a person that skips the introduction in books I would strongly suggest you read the introduction of this book, it will set the scene for the rest of the book.  His introduction also says, “Let me be clear.  I am not a doctor.  Nor am I an expert on nutrition, exercise physiology, or sleep disorders.  I am just a patient.  I also happen to be a researcher and voracious reader who loves to extract valuable finders and share them with friends.”  Perhaps, this book is such an easy read because Rath is not a doctor so it’s like a friend forwarding you an e-mail he read about the importance of sleep.

The body of the book is stellar but what makes a regular book great is when there’s a next step after you finish.  The book’s website ( gives you the resources to create a personalized plan based on your needs and behaviors, you also have access to the Research Explorer for links to over 400 journals, books, and articles for further study on something you read in the book, and lastly you can download the challenge to start an Eat Move Sleep movement in your house or office.

Perhaps more non-scientists should write health books.

Thanks to MissionDay Publishers and Net Galley for allowing me to review this book.

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