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Eat Move Sleep Giveaway Continues

For real.  “Eat Move Sleep,” might be the book everyone gets for Christmas this year.  You know I love a book with extras and “Eat Move Sleep” is all about the extras.  Using their website you can customize a plan for you to Eat better, Move more, and Sleep better.  Because I’ve been singing the praises of this book for weeks I was beyond excited when I received a box of them to give away!  One book is on it’s way to Jessa (the first winner) and one book is on it’s way to Amy (the second winner).  Where will another book go?  Only you can decide!

What can you do to win a copy of this book?  Well, this week’s contest is for my Instagram followers!

1.  Take a picture of something that helps you eat better, move more, or sleep better and use the hashtag #CaryEatMoveSleep.

2.  Post a comment on this post that you did it.  

3.  That’s it!  Your awesome!

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