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Confession #372

For better or worse, I’m a pretty candid person.  I’m a pretty normal person too.  Being normal and candid let me tell you something.  This confession might shock some people and some people might think, “Oh, big deal.  Me too.”  This confession might make some people look down on me.  This confession might make some people believe me when I say I’m normal.  This confession might make some people think I’m dumb.  This confession might make some people like me even more than they do already.

The confession:  I watch the TV show “Scandal.”

There, I said it.  Think what you want but this recovering E-News fan relaxes best with a dramatic TV show and a hot bath.  Don’t worry, I still read my Bible and I still pray but I just happen to also relax by watching a TV show.  Judge if you want.  I realized my senior of high school I didn’t really care a whole lot what others thought of me.  I said I didn’t care, “a whole lot,” I care a little bit but I don’t lose a lot of sleep over what others think of me…I have a two year old and a four year old for that.

Why do I have confessions?  I have confessions to confess I am normal.  We are all normal.  We are never alone.  I repeat, we are never alone.  Get around any group of women and you will quickly learn you are not alone.  I am not the only person that watches “Scandal,” I am not the only person that escapes my reality by taking hot baths.

When I say, “We are never alone, ” not only do I mean there is always someone that shares your struggle but there is a God that listens to you.  He listens when you cry your prayers to Him.  He watches when you close your eyes in your bath tub just because it’s silent.  He knows your dreams, not the dreams in your sleep, but your real dreams, what you wanted to be when your grew up.  He knows how many gray hairs spring up every morning.  He knows you.  He loves you.  He never leaves you when you unload your confessions on Him.  He never leaves you.

“As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people, from this time forth and forevermore.”  Psalm 125:2

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