My Green Suede Shoes

One of my favorite mantras is, “No matter what’s going on, a pair of shoes and a purse can cure anything.”  That is, at least, true in my life.  I had this one pair of shoes that were, by far, one of my favorite pairs of shoes and I had to throw them away recently.  Yes, actually throw them in the trash, not Goodwill, not give to a friend, but throw in a trash can.  To be completely accurate it was a large red trash can at Target.  I was so mad that it didn’t occur to me at the time what a staple those shoes were to my wardrobe until I recounted the story for my husband.

The story:  Wednesday morning I was wearing my green suede shoes that I purchased at Target about 7 years ago.  Yes, 7 years ago.  They were on clearance and green and flat.  For real, who doesn’t love colored flats?  Those shoes saw me through a lot, they saw me 37 lbs heavier and bloated like a beached whale when I was pregnant with Eli.  They saw me sick as a dog when I was pregnant with Harper.  They saw me move back to Arkansas from Texas.  They saw the inside of my purse when I was wearing heels and would change shoes if I needed to walk properly.  Recently, they have seen a lot of snow.  Here in Arkansas we have had some crazy cold weather with snow and ice.  Wednesday morning was the first day I wore something other than tennis shoes or boots.  I noticed when I got in my car that my feet were really cold but it was single digit temps outside so I didn’t think much about it.  Later in the day I was in the Target parking lot walking through slush.  When I got in Target my feet felt wet.  I went to the family restroom and looked at my shoes and there was an actual hole in my shoe.  Not worn.  A hole.  I was so mad.  I dried my foot off and went straight to the shoe section.  Thankfully, there was a clearance section and I actually bought two new pairs of shoes for $30.00.  Went about my business at Target, paid for my items, and asked the checker to cut the tags off one pair because I was not getting my feet wet again.

When I got to my car I was still mad about my shoes.  I texted my husband to tell him what happened and he was less than concerned about it.  It occurred to me at that moment how long I had those clearance shoes from Target.  I don’t know what I was so mad about, I mean I had gotten my money’s worth out of those green suede shoes.  Will I miss them?  Yes.  Did I buy colored flats this time around?  No, all they had were brown.  Will I get over it?  Yes…eventually.

Why does any of this matter?  Well, it matters because we hold on to the wrong things for so long.  We sometimes hold on to things that are not worth holding on to.  Things like, old hang ups we used to have, lies Satan tells us, bad habits, things people did or said to us.  You know what I don’t hold on to very long?  Promises from God.  Those are the things worth holding on to and I forget almost hourly the promises God has for me.  For instance, He will never leave me.  I will turn my back on Him in some form or fashion but He will NEVER leave me, NEVER forsake me.  He still blesses me.  I could fill a Moleskin everyday with things I’ve done wrong in my life yet God still continues to bless me.

J.I. Packer says, “God’s faithfulness to His purposes, promises, and people is further aspect of His goodness and praiseworthiness.  Humans lie and break their word; God does neither.  In the worst of times it can still be said: “His compassions never fail…Great is your faithfulness.”  Packer goes on to say, “God’s fidelity, along with the other aspects of His gracious goodness as set forth in His Word, is always solid ground on which to rest our faith and hope.”

That is what we should hold on to.  We hold on to His word.  Pray Proverbs 7:3 for yourself where it says, “Keep my teaching as the apple of your eye.”  I so need to grasp God’s word and His promises and never let go.  Throw away the Devil’s lies that I seem to remember most and cling to God’s promises always and forever.

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