Book Review

Book Review: The Art of Story Telling

The Art of Storytelling_cov_fin.inddAre you a story-teller?  I know, that is a very open question but guess what?  If you are breathing, you are telling stories.  Some people might not think they are story tellers but they are.  If you have ever told a story to more than yourself, you’re a story-teller.  When I think of story tellers I don’t typically think of myself.  I think of men like Max Lucado.  I once heard him teach and I could have listened for hours.  Time flew by so fast and when he was done I thought it could have gone longer.  I consider Max Lucado a master story-teller.  In John Walsh’s book, “The Art of Story  Telling,” he walks you through step-by-step how to captivate your audience, whether it’s a classroom, a church, or a group of friends.

Right away in the Introduction he says, “You have too much to offer to allow the attention of your audience to wander from what you are saying.”  That is so true.  Especially if you are a teacher and have taken the time to complete a lesson plan, write your manuscript or prepare an outline.  Don’t let your valuable time go to waste.  Walsh has fourteen steps to crafting a captivating story.  I won’t go into all fourteen but the high points for this story-teller were envisioning the scene with present day emotions, finding a memory hook, and planning the first words.  I like what he says in chapter nine, “Throw yourself into your story.  Commit your total body to the process.  Practice what you have learned, but in the end–be yourself.”  I’ve seen people try to be something they aren’t and your audience can see right through that.  Don’t subject them to something that isn’t fully you and who God made you to be.

I recently recommended this book to a friend of mine that is a Bible teacher for a large women’s Bible study and she looked at me like I was an idiot but once I read off some of the high points from my notes (yes, I take notes when I read), she agreed it might be worth her time.  It will be worth your time too.

Thank you to Moody Publishing for the complementary copy of this book for reviewing purposes.

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