Project: Make Life Easier

I love simplicity.  I love organization.  I love when those two things marry each other.  A couple of months ago I went on a quest to simplify my life in the area of shopping.  There was a couple of reasons for this:

1.  I detest grocery shopping with my kids.  I leave with more items than what I intended and I have probably threatened their life at least once.

2.  We were moving to a cash only system and auto drafts make budgeting easier (for me).

3.  Less time in store = less impulse shopping.

The first and biggest part of making shopping simple was to have my groceries delivered.  Thank you Farmbox Delivers.  Every other week Farmbox delivers most of our groceries and some household items.  Our order consists of a small farm box with a random assortment of fruits and vegetables, some al a carte items, and a standing order for almond milk, and toilet paper.  Sometimes I will order meat from them but usually I buy it at the grocery store.

What I don’t have Farmbox deliver I have The Honest Co deliver.  My Honest deliveries include household items, bath products, diapers, and wipes.  I alternate that order with one pay period being a month’s worth of diapers and the next pay period is a month’s household items.

What I don’t have Farmbox and Honest deliver I have Amazon deliver.  I opted for the Subscribe and Save option on most of our heath/beauty items like face soap, face lotion, hairspray, some make up and some specialty food items.  Basically, anything I know we are going to use on a regular basis.

And the last thing I have auto-shipped to my house is my make up.  I’ve tried a lot of make ups and always go back to Bare Minerals.  They have an auto-delivery option on their website that delivers my foundation and mascara every 3 months.

Now, I know I could get some of these items cheaper in stores, or with coupons, etc.  But I consider my time pretty valuable and my relationship with my kids valuable so the less time I spend threatening them in grocery stores the better.  Also, anytime I want to edit/change/delete any of these items I can.  They all send an e-mail to give you time to edit your next order.

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