The Daniel Plan: FAQs

If you read my review of The Daniel Plan you know I am a BIG fan.  When we started the Daniel  Plan in our house several people asked questions.  Here are the top questions and my answers:

1.  What can you eat?  This is always the first question people ask when you change your lifestyle.  We can eat anything we want but what’s best for our body is:  fruit, vegetables, meat, some grains, and some oils.  We limit dairy in our house for various reasons.  We limit sugar in our house because of obvious reasons.

2.  Is it expensive?  I will be honest, starches (boxed rice, potatoes, bread, etc) are all cheap.  Some vegetables can be more expensive but the fact of the matter is if you are filling your stomach with vegetables and good proteins at dinner you are less likely to want that junk stuff.  Now, that train of thought takes a week or two to set in but it DOES HAPPEN.

3.  Is it hard?  Just like anything new in your life to truly succeed you need to PLAN.  When we started I sat down with my husband and talked about what we could and could not eat and went over some meal ideas.  I made a two-week meal plan (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks) to cover all the bases.  In my house the worst eating takes place when the kids go to bed.  I don’t know what it is that produces Little Debbies when the kids go to bed.  You need to figure out what your “go to” snacks and meals will be.

4.  What do I need to get started?  Buy the book.  Go to Amazon or Lifeway or wherever you buy Christian books and buy this book.  I have so many post-it flags in this book it’s crazy.  This is an excellent book to keep on the shelf of your family library for quick reference or just encouragement when you really want to eat your weight in Hershey Kisses.  Pick up the book and remind yourself why sugar is bad for you.

Like I said in an earlier post, we’ve been doing this almost 40 days and we have good days and bad days but we usually regret the bad days and can feel a difference in our bodies.

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