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BAM: Exodus 2:25

So…tonight I am officially 6 days behind on my year long Bible reading plan.  Right now my kids are in bed and I have the house to myself and I get ready to read 6 days worth of Bible reading.  In case you are wondering that equals 19 chapters of Exodus.  I know, lofty dreams I have.  I’m reading along when BAM!  Exodus 2:25 hits me between the eyes, “God saw the people of Israel–and God knew.”  Those three little words tucked in so safe and tiny, “and God knew.”  I stopped dead in my tracks.

Let me back track to what my night was like earlier.  I was on a texting marathon with about 4 people going back and forth about a family in crisis and about new babies and new homes and how consuming life is.  I’m overwhelmed by the love of God’s family for each other.  Exodus 2:25, “…and God knew.”  He knows.  He knows.  I want to expound but I can’t.  I pulled out the handy Key Word Study Bible but none of the words come close to, “and God knew.”  I just can’t get over it.

He knew.  Soak in that tonight and tomorrow and the next day.

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