Confession #72

I used to be a “runner.”  I use the word loosely because I never changed the way I ate so I didn’t really look like a runner.  I even had a blog named “Fat Girl Runner” (don’t look for it now, my blog is gone and another girl took the name).  I started running after my son was born.  I had quit work to stay at home and needed a cheap form of exercise.  I took my 5-year-old Nike Shox and started running while pushing a regular stroller with my son in tow.  I told my husband if I kept it up I wanted legit running shoes.  So for Mother’s Day on our way to Arkansas from College Station we stopped in Dallas and I was fitted for my first official pair of running shoes.  I learned more about running shoes in that visit than I had read from any book.  The people were so friendly and understanding of my exact needs.

When we arrived in Arkansas I was hit with the news my Grandmother had cancer and probably wouldn’t see the next year.  I started running as a form of exercise but that summer it turned into an escape.  I would spend two weeks at a time in Arkansas helping my mom and aunts take care of my grandmother.  They all lived out in the country and almost every day I would put on my running shoes, take my Allegra and hit the road.  I didn’t keep track of my miles, I didn’t even listen to music.  I had enough thoughts in my head to keep me occupied.

My grandmother died in August and soon after I found out I was pregnant with my daughter.  I ran as long as I could while I was pregnant but eventually it became very uncomfortable and my doctor suggested I lay low until my daughter was born.

When I was about 35 weeks pregnant we moved back to Arkansas and my husband started a new job.  I was on the hunt for an inexpensive double jogging stroller so I could start running again after my daughter was born.  A precious friend told me she had a jogging stroller I could have.  She said it looked horrible but everything worked fine.  Looks didn’t really matter to me so I took it.  My first run with both kids was interesting.  They liked it at first and I loved it.  I was outside, my heart rate was up, it was wonderful.  A couple of months later my son figured out how to unbuckle himself from the stroller.  I don’t know if you have ever tried to run with a double stroller with one kid turning around looking at you but it is difficult.

While the double stroller adventures continued I signed up for my first ever 5k.  I ran it in October 2011.  Soon after that, I quit running.  Not because of some stance I was taking but simply because I had started working full-time again, both kids figured out the buckles on the stroller, neither of them really liked the stroller any more and finding time to run alone was like trying to get both kids in bed at the same time…it was futile dream.

My legit running shoes had turned into my lawn mowing shoes and I’m now running with a pair of shoes from Target.  They actually aren’t that bad either.  I signed up to run a 5k that will take place in April and since then I have run/walked three times.  And of course today, it’s freezing cold but I’m going to weather the wind and cold and run this morning.  I’m off today and it’s getting to be a busy season where I work so I know it will be a great stress reliever for me in the coming days.

People always asked me what my goal was when I ran a 5k.  Not die.  That is always my goal.  Just don’t die.

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