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Passion Week: Preschool Style

10257963_836794843003793_2234615670978976453_nDuring Christmas and Easter life in a minister’s home gets a little crazy.  Those are essentially the two biggest holidays on the Christian calendar meaning they are the two of the biggest events on the church calendar.  In our home we must take, sometimes, extreme measures to make sure we are not totally wiped out when it comes to celebrating these holidays with our kids.  This year I am tailor making our Passion Week festivities to fit our children (4 and 2 1/2 years old).

I am creating this material based on a couple of things:

1.  My friend Kim’s Easter activities.  Kim is especially gifted at bringing these two holidays to life at her house.  If Kim lived closer I would make her do them at my house but alas, she lives ten hours away so that is not an option.  She has a LEGIT list of activities, crafts, etc leading up to Easter.

2.  John Piper’s Holy Week devotional, “Love to the Uttermost.”  This is a free download on the Desiring God website.  I downloaded it last year and loved it so I’m doing it again this year.

3.  The Fire Bible.  My parents bought our children this Bible earlier in the year and it has excellent pictures and little pockets of information that my kids think are interesting.

4.  Pinterest.  Did you really think Pinterest wouldn’t be included.  Besides Kim’s list of downloadable coloring sheets I also found a couple on Pinterest to fit the days during Passion Week.

Our Passion Week will start this Sunday with Palm Sunday and conclude Easter Sunday.  I believe most parents want to teach their kids about Easter but it’s hard because the days leading up to Easter are pretty graphic for kids so it must be approached differently with each family as they see fit for their kids and their ages.  The plan I’m presenting through this series is VERY simple.  It it meant to expound where necessary and where you see fit.  You are the parent, God has placed your children in your care.  Use your time with them wisely.

I hope you enjoy this series.  I have the Palm Sunday post scheduled to post at 1:00 AM on Sunday morning.


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