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Passion Week: Palm Sunday

“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.”  Luke 12:32
In his book, “Love to the Uttermost,” John Piper says, “Today is Palm Sunday.  We picture ourselves welcoming the King into our city and into our hearts.  He tries to make His intentions known by coming, not on a great stallion, but on a lowly donkey, meek and humble.”  If your child attends a Sunday school class they probably cut out palm leaves today and talked about how Jesus rode into town on a donkey with people waving palm leaves.  If they didn’t talk about palm leaves you can find a pattern here to cut some out and wave them around.  If you want to read this story in your Bible you can go to Matthew 21:1-11.

Table Talk

Read Luke 12:32 from your Bible.  This is a verse about the nature of God.  It shows us what kind of heart God has.  It’s a verse about what makes God happy.  Use that verse as a launchpad to talk about what makes your children happy.  Discuss with them what things make God happy.

God’s deepest joy and desire is to give the kingdom to His flock.  Discuss who God’s flock is.  What does “flock” mean?  Talk about how sheep travel in flocks and when we have accepted Christ into our heart we are in His flock.

Activities (all pinned on Easter board on Pinterest):

Hand print sheep using cotton balls and black (washable) paint

Simple coloring sheets showing Palm Sunday celebrations

Footprint donkey and hand print palm leaves

Let me know how it went today…what worked, what didn’t work.

Happy Palm Sunday!


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