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My April Baby: Harper Lee

1888487_799920713357873_1316355669_nHappy 3rd Birthday Harper Lee Plunkett.  No, Harper is not named after the author.  We found the name Harper at the bottom of list of boy names, actually.  I texted the name to Chris and he said he liked it so it was good!  Her middle name is after my Grandmother, Sanka Lee Hood.  She passed away before Harper was born.  But I know they would have been the best of friends.  They both had attitude and sass.

I knew Harper was a girl from the moment of conception.  I was cleaning the living room one night and felt light-headed like I was going to pass out.  I sat down on the couch so the room would stop spinning.  Chris came to check on me and asked if I could be pregnant.  I thought perhaps, I could be.  He went down to Walgreens to get a pregnancy test.  Now, I know those tests say for the best results take them in the morning but I couldn’t wait.  Yep…promptly showed 2 pink lines.  Done.  I told Chris.  The rest is a blur, I remember telling our parents, telling people and then it happened.  Sickness.  Sickness like I have never experienced, followed by a severe sinus infection.  I lost about 20 lbs my first trimester.  That’s when I knew it was a girl…no boy would cause this much drama.

Sure enough, December 2010 rolled around and our doctor confirmed it was a girl.  Harper Lee Plunkett.  Once the sickness wore off I was okay.  Then we moved to Arkansas around week 34 or 35.  I saw my new doctor twice before she offered bed rest or induction two weeks before Harper’s due date.  Induction here we come.  I did 21 days of bed rest with our first.  It’s highly overrated–no need to repeat it.  Harper was born fine, no complications.  Ironically, we came home and there was a tornado warning…boy oh boy was that a fact…

Days into Harper’s arrival I’m a weepy mess, she’s spitting up everything I put in her mouth, she’s not sleeping, I’m not sleeping, throw in some postpartum and you’ve got yourself a crazy cocktail.  Oh ya, and our 18 month old son had a double ear infection just to keep things interesting.  Oh and we just moved here.  Like I said, it was nuts.  I didn’t realize what a control freak I was until Harper arrived in our family.  She has pushed me to the brink of insanity so that all I could do was grab my Bible and read until something felt better.

Fast forward almost a year and Harper was on reflux medicine, Eli’s ear infections had stopped, I was sleeping all night, and then it came.  The humble moment I laid my precious daughter in her bed and apologized for dreading her cry.  I came to a point where I was so tired and dreaded walking to her room, I was annoyed at that little girl crying, and begging her to be quite so her brother would not wake up.  Rocking her while I slept because sometimes that was the only way it happened.

I tell you all that to tell you Harper Lee Plunkett is a force to be reckoned with.  She always will be.  God has put a spirit in that girl that will always make me worry about her, it will always drive me crazy, and one of these days it will make her a wonderful wife and mother.  I can’t wait to see the grown up Harper Lee and what God has in store for her.  Happy Birthday Harper Lee.

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