Names are funny things. Your parents pick them for you. Sometimes people modify them without your consent. For instance, my name is Cary, one time someone called me Cory, then Gary, both were incorrect and he ended up calling me Terry. I’ve had enough people get my name totally wrong I don’t even care now. Whatever works and gets the job done.

Now, on the other hand, my husband sometimes calls me, “Girl.” I remind him I am not cattle that needs to be wrangled. My name is only four letters , there’s really not a need to shorten it or deviate from it.

Another thing that’s funny about names is when everyone on the planet calls someone a shortened version of their name but their spouse calls them the long version. I love it. I have a friend whose husband is Sam but she calls him Samuel. I love it. I think I might actually smile when she tells me a story about Samuel.

Final thought on names: God knows them all. No matter what others call you God knows your name. He’s there to say, “Cary, it will be okay.” He’s there to say, “Cary, relax. I got this.” He’s there to say, “Cary, I’m not leaving you. I’m here to stay.” He’s there to say, “Cary, I’m proud of you.” He’s there to say, “Cary, you make me so happy.”

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