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Women & Theology

women and bibleLately the Lord has awakened a new spark in me.  It’s a spark that has been there for quite some time but it’s been a small spark and as of late that spark is turning into a flame.  Now, this spark has been a flame before but it got hovered and shoved down and covered so it went down to a spark again.  Now it’s back and I can feel it growing.  It’s the topic of women and theology.  I know, blah, blah, and blah.  A couple of reactions happen when women hear those two words.  One reaction is eye roll…why do I need to know about theology, isn’t that my preacher’s job or my husband’s job or someone else’s “job?”  The other reaction is excitement…let’s argue about theology, why are women not ministers, why is my preacher not a woman, why do women make less money?  Hold.  The.  Phone.  Can we just agree that there is a line in between those two sides that I fear most women don’t even consider?

The line is the line of reality.  I know a lot of women that are curious about theology, they don’t want to argue about it, they want to learn about it, but they have a house full of kids, art projects, chore charts, and meal plans.  Do they really have time or the energy to learn about God’s grace, redemption, sanctification, etc?  Ladies, hear me say this in love…you need to know what these things are because there will come a day or days when you question your very existence, you better know about what God has to say because you are going to doubt the very day you were born.

This day could come when you have a miscarriage and you question God’s plan in your life.  This day could come when you find out you can’t have kids.  This day could come when your home study didn’t go through and yet again adoption is delayed.  This day could come when the job you knew you were going to get didn’t happen.  This day could be the day your husband confesses to having an affair.  This day could come when you get a call from the police that your child is with them.  This day could be the day your doctor informs you that chemo starts tomorrow.  This day could be the day a newly wed couple has their first real fight and yell things they immediately regret.  This day could be when the kids move out and you realize it’s just you and your husband, now what?  This day could be the day that mental illness over takes you and you are tempted to make permanent solutions to temporary problems.  This day will come.  And as Paul Tripp says, “You’re always preaching some kind of gospel.”  When these days come and they will come, what gospel are you going to be preaching to yourself?  What theology are you leaning on?

I’m working on a project right now that I’m very excited about.  Only three people know about this project because the seed was planted years ago but only recently has God allowed the watering and sprouting to occur.  I see the full-grown tree of this project and I hope women get excited about what God wants to teach them through theology.  It’s not just for seminary graduates or preachers or missionaries.  It’s for everyone.  Everyone needs to know what their theology is.  This world is sinful and we are sinful humans that turn to ourselves more than God, shouldn’t we learn what God says about His theology before we try to tackle one more day in this world alone?

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