How I Read

Yes, you read the title correctly.  Back in the day I used to read A LOT.  People think I still read a lot but I happen to enjoy reading so I probably do read more than the average person.  Because I used to review a lot of different books people would ask all the time how I read so many books.  It was easy then…my son took two naps a day equaling about 4 hours a day so that was 4 hours of uninterrupted reading time for me.  That is not really the case any longer.  Before I tell you how I read I’m going to tell you what I read.

Typically, on my nightstand I will have one health related book, one marriage or parenting book, one leadership book, and my Bible.  When I

Actual books on my nightstand.

Actual books on my nightstand.

wake up in the mornings I will always read my Bible.  Right now, I’m reading through the New Testament so I typically read 1-4 chapters in the morning before my kids wake up.  Now, I have this one child that thinks when the sun comes up it is time to get up.  That is an incorrect thought for a 3 year old so that child will usually go back to their room to rest some more.  I usually don’t read again until after the kids are in bed.  Rarely, do I read on my lunch break or any other time during the day.  The kids are supposed to be in their beds no later than 7:30.  I usually crack open a book around 8:00 after a load of laundry is started or the kitchen is picked up.  I try to read for the next two hours.  Unless I am really into a book I usually read one chapter of each type of book I’m reading until 10:00 PM.  If I’m doing laundry I will take breaks between each book to put clothes in the dryer or fold clothes or just put clothes on the couch to fold at another time (most often the last).  This is the ideal schedule for me.  Occasionally, my husband is mentally exhausted from his day so we will watch Frasier on Netflix to wind down.  We also have several nights of the week that people are at our house or we are busy doing other things.  On those nights I typically don’t read at all.

Now, moving on to how I read.  No, I can’t speed read.  I would love to learn how but those classes are typically the same price as two nights in a hotel so I have never committed to a speed reading class.  So here’s the Cary Plunkett method for reading:  I always read with a pen in my hand (gel pen preferably).  When I come across a sentence I like I will put a check mark at the beginning of the sentence.  When I read an entire paragraph I like I will put an asterisk at the beginning of the paragraph.  Whenever there is a scripture reference I will underline the reference.  Underlining the reference helps me to quickly flip through a book to see how often they refer to the Bible.  Lastly, I will put exclamation points next to sections or sentences that really speak to me.  Rarely, do I right words in a book unless I’m planning to lead or teach through it later than I might make notes in the margin.

This is what I have going on right now:


Books next to my nightstand that I want to either read or re-read.


One thought on “How I Read

  1. oh the “this is a wrong thought” line had me rollin in laughter on my couch! I feel ya there. Can’t keep my kids in bed in the mornings for nuthin’! Sometimes ya just wanna say “But Lord you know I’d get so much more bible study done in the mornings if my kids will just sleep.” Or maybe I just need to start getting up at 4:00 instead of 5:00. LOL. I’ve got a whole pile of books “in the queue” like that too! And “Give them Grace” has been on my need-to-read list for a few weeks.

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