Who’s Stealing Your Identity?

In these days of a thousand different social media networks it’s easy to be someone you aren’t.  Seriously, there are Twitter accounts for babies, and dogs, and even articles of clothing.  It’s easy to hide behind an identity that isn’t the real you on social media.  We post filtered pictures of everything from our dinner to our nightstand.  We update our status every time something interesting happens in our life.  

The New Testament has a lot to say about our true identity.  If we are followers of Christ He should be our true identity.  This verse from 2 Corinthians might be one of my favorites.  We are His.  He is ours.   

“He has identified us as His own by placing the Holy Spirit in our hearts.” (2 Corinthians 1:22a NLT)

If our identity is in anything except Christ it’s almost as if we are living a lie.  Our true persona should reflect that of Christ and His character.  How do you learn more about His character?  Read His Word.  Start with the New Testament and learn about how Jesus came to this earth, read how He ministered to everyone, read about how He was sent to die for you.  Regardless if you follow Him, He still came to die for you.   

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