Challenge / ReGroup

ReGroup: Clear Your Mind

A vital part of regrouping is cleaning, clearing, and purging.  Yesterday I posted about cleaning your space and how necessary it is for me to clean my space before I can even comprehend doing anything else.  Another vital part of regrouping is clearing your mind.

2.  Clear Your Mind

For some clearing your mind might be yoga type stretches or mediation methods.  For me clearing my mind is sometimes done best by doing “no brainer” activity.  This might be a TV show that requires no thought or won’t give you nightmares…in the Plunkett house, “Frasier,” is that show.

Other no brainer activities include:
Painting my daughter’s toe nails
Taking a bath while watching “Frasier”
Painting my own nails/toe nails
Reading a fiction book
Watching “Dora the Explorer” with my kids
Walking around the neighborhood
Walking around the local library

There are seasons in my life when it is more busy than usual.  I think we do a pretty good job, in our house, of recognizing when those times are approaching and we limit the non-essential activities in our life.  In Lysa TerKeurst’s book, “The Best Yes,” she says, “The decisions we make dictate the schedules we keep; the schedules we keep determine the life we live; the life we live determines how we spend our soul–and how we spend our soul matter.”  I love that!  The decisions we make matter.  How you unwind matters.  What works for me might not work for you.  You might think painting a 3 year old’s toe nails is not relaxing at all.  You might want to spend your no brainer time playing the piano or listening to podcasts.  Whatever works for you is fine but find it!

Years ago when my husband was taking 21 hours of seminary classes and working as an intern at a large church he started to feel chest pains.  In case you are wondering chest pains at 26 years old is not a good thing.  Chris went to the doctor and the doctor basically told him he needed to relax and get on a sleep schedule.  Chris explained his daily schedule and the doctor repeated how important it was for Chris to find some activity that cleared his mind and helped him relax and also to get sleep.  After weeks of setting a sleep schedule and exercising (while not listening to class lectures) Chris finally started to relax and the chest pains stopped.  Clearing your mind and relaxing are so important to our health not just mentally but physically.

What are ways that you clear your mind?

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