Challenge / ReGroup

ReGroup: Take a Time Out

When you hear the words, “time out,” you immediately think of kids pouting and sitting on little kid size chairs with parents watching them and making sure they don’t move and stay in the dreaded time out chair.  The time out I’m talking about today is not the kind where you are in trouble it’s the kind that if you don’t take it you might be in trouble or end up on the news because you have caused bodily harm to someone.

3.  Take a Time Out

A friend of mine takes a weekend trip almost every year to a quiet place to be by herself and gather herself, typically before school starts.  She said her husband fully supports this idea because he knows what she might turn in to if she doesn’t get this trip.  Now, this is not a girls weekend trip that centers around shopping, this is a weekend getaway with her and her God and maybe a friend or two but mainly it’s time for her to get away and center her life on her Creator again.

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have the time or money to get away by myself.”  I hear you.  I don’t have time or money to get away either but I do have an afternoon to get to my local coffee shop and drink coffee and read.  I do have time and money to sit in my backyard by myself and read my Bible and listen to Spotify.  I do have time and money to sit in our local library and read and write in solitude.  Do you get the idea?  You have the time and money to do what’s necessary.  Even David has something to say about it in Psalm 34:14, “Turn away from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”   Seek peace.  Seek does not mean you are casually looking for something.  You seek to find just the perfect pillow for your bed.  You seek to find the perfect outfits for your family pictures.  You seek to find the perfect bottle that will make your child not throw up.  You seek for the lost keys.  Get it?  Seeking is a big deal.  “…seek peace and pursue it.”

How do you take a time out?

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