Challenge / ReGroup

ReGroup: Planners & Apps

Do you ever think you need to sit down and gather your thoughts? Welcome to my life every Sunday afternoon. Part of getting your life regrouped is having some organization.

5. Planners & Apps

My name is Cary and I’m a planner nerd. There, I said it. I feel incomplete if I arrive at work without my planner. I feel a wave of nausea come over if I look in the corner of my kitchen and don’t see my weekly family planner telling me who needs a lunch packed and who needs a breakfast packed, who has show and tell, who’s coming over for dinner and who has lunch meetings, and what needs to be defrosting…you get the idea.

Here are my favorite products for attempting to organize our lives:
Erin Condren Life Planner
Erin Condren Weekly Family Planner
IPhone calendar synced with my husband’s work calendar

In the past I have used a MomAgenda and really liked it but the Erin Condren Life Planner is more colorful and has some additional things I find useful. I have also tried to go paperless and use only my phone but I love to mark things off my daily list and see it on paper.

What organizing tips do you have?

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