Challenge / ReGroup

ReGroup: Relaxing Read

Remember those no-brainer activities I listed earlier?  Well, reading could be considered a no-brainer activity if it really is a no-brainer book.  A relaxing read isn’t neccessarily a no-brainer book but it is a book that leaves you feeling refreshed and with a new found spring in your step.

6.  Relaxing Read:  Wonderstruck

Last year Chris and I went on a quick weekend getaway to a small lake house to get away from our jobs and just relax and read.  Yes, that really is what we do when we get away.  I chose to take along Margaret Feinberg’s book, “Wonderstruck.”  That was a wise decision on my part.  “Wonderstruck,” was the first book I ever read of Margaret Feinberg’s and it did not disappoint.  I read the book in two days and loved every single page.  I became a Margaret Feinberg fan immediately.  I started following her blog and know if we ever meet we will be friends.  No, really.  We will.

The basic premise of “Wonderstruck,” is to always be in awe of God and His creation and to “live wonderstruck.”  Besides the content my favorite thing about this book is the soundtrack she provides at the end.  That’s right folks, she gives you a playlist of songs to listen to while you read each chapter!  A woman after my own heart:  good writing and good music; it’s a match made in Heaven.

So if you find yourself lacking a little in life pick up, “Wonderstruck,” and enjoy the journey!

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