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ReGroup: Bible Reading Plans

Thanks to the magic of the world-wide web and the invention of the printing press there are so many way to have a successful Bible reading plan that you like and that keeps you reading God’s Word everyday.  The seventh post for the ReGroup series is all about Bible reading plans.

7.  Bible Reading Plans

I have taken all the guess work out for you.  Below are links to different types of reading plans that cater to every need under the sun:

YouVersion (YouVersion can be accessed from any smart phone, computer, or tablet)

She Reads Truth (my personal favorite)

12 Different Reading Plans from

I have a scattered brain so I also have a scattered way to read the Bible.  Every morning I start off reading a Proverb; whatever the date is, is what Proverb I read.  For instance, this morning I read Proverbs 7.  I also have books in the Table of Contents of my Bible check marked if I’ve read the book in its entirety.  My goal is always to read the Bible in a year but that hasn’t every worked so far.  I like the check mark method because I always seem to get stuck in Numbers and never go further so this way I skip around just enough to keep from getting stuck in a book.  She Reads Truth also has really good plans leading up to holidays that I really enjoy.

Is there a Bible reading plan that you really like?

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