Challenge / ReGroup

ReGroup: Purge Your Closet

Purging, cleaning, and organizing is a pretty big part in regrouping.  This is not an area I’m good at, for sure.  My closet is a disaster.  I mean, DISASTER.  This is what happens in our house:  I’m tired of the house looking like a pit so we take a couple of hours on a Saturday to really clean the house.  That means we clean the kitchen, start laundry, pick up the kid’s rooms, clean their bathroom, etc.  With all that happening it means the excess gets put in our bedroom.  Fast forward to 10:00 PM, everyone is tired and everything that was thrown on our bed is thrown in my closet because it’s the biggest.

10.  Purge Your Closet

After we lived in our current house for about a year I took an entire uninterrupted day and cleaned my closet.  Yes, I said a year. Yes, I said it took me all day.  I was so proud of that closet.  When my husband came home I ushered him to my closet and he was amazed.  Everything was cleared out, clothes were in donations bins, shoes were put on shelves, it was a big deal.  Has it happened since?  Nope.  It’s been about two years since that joyful day and it hasn’t happened again.  Thankfully, my husband and I do not share closets because my closet right now is close to max capacity.  Honestly, most of what’s in there can be thrown away or shredded but who wants to spend another entire day cleaning the closet?  Not me.  So until I get the time and energy to clean it I’ll just stick to posting good closet tips on Pinterest.

Altoidscloset door craft storage meds cabinet

Do you have any mind blowing closet organization tips?

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