Challenge / ReGroup

ReGroup: Create a Playlist

I love music.  I am not musically talented AT ALL.  I did have a solo in our student choir one year at church but I think that’s just because I was President of the Youth Choir and they thought heads would roll if I didn’t get something.  Yes, President of Youth Choir was a real thing.  I love music so much that I used to sleep to music and wake up to music but my husband sleeps in silence.  We discovered that on our honeymoon.  I sacrificed music at bedtime for my marriage.  Music helps me relax, get excited, feel sad, mad or glad.  Music helps create an environment that is life-giving or life-taking.

11.  Create a Playlist

I have created playlists for several things:  5k Playlist, Exercise Playlist, Kid’s Music Playlist, Car Playlist, etc.  Well, because of Spotify all the guess work is gone!  They have thousands of pre-created playlists from either Spotify or other users.  My current favorite playlist is, “CC Women’s Conference,” on Spotify.  The minister that led worship at our women’s conference this year put the playlist on Spotify after the event because we kept getting so many requests for the names of song.  I LOVE THIS LIST.  I loved the music that night and I love this playlist.  As a matter of fact, I listen to it while I’m getting ready for work, while I’m stretching after a run, while I’m taking a bath to soak sore muscles from said run, while I’m working, or just having a rough day.  It’s so good.

I love that music can do that to us.  So, get on your favorite music site, iTunes or Spotify or whatever else there is and create a playlist for yourself or find a good one that helps you relax, makes you smile, makes you lift your hands, and makes your heart tender to hear from God no matter the circumstance.

Do you have a favorite playlist or a go to song that you love?

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