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ReGroup: Get Physical

Like most things in this series, I am not expert in this field.  I have a TON of friends that are experts in this field but today’s post will be coming from me…the girl that is not an expert at physical fitness but I do understand the importance of it.

13.  Get Physical

When I say, “get physical,” I don’t mean go join CrossFit (unless that’s your thing) but I do mean to get moving.  Sean Foy says in the, “Daniel Plan,” that the best exercise you can do is the one you will do.  Get it?  Find something physical you enjoy and just do it.  Either go by yourself for a walk around the neighborhood, listen to music, or not.  If you live in an area like me there are plenty of trails to take advantage of; stop and pick up a friend and take an hour of your day to get outside and walk.  Before you even tell me all the excuses you have, let me tell you I have them too and I don’t really care what you excuse is because it is simply that, an excuse.  My pseudo trainer is not one to accept my excuses, usually.  A couple of weeks ago we ran in the pouring rain.  I mean pouring rain…there was not one area of me that was dry!  It felt great to get out there and exercise with a friend and on the upside I didn’t sweat.

Tom Rath wrote a book a couple of years ago titled, “Eat, Move, Sleep.”  In this book he gives you small steps you can take in your life to eat better, move more, and sleep better.  One article he referenced in this book was an article that talked about how walking could reduce the chances of getting Alzheimer’s.  Even if you don’t get active to not die of heart disease why not do it for brain health (cue memories from “The Notebook”).

What is something easy and fun you enjoy doing?

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