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ReGroup: Enjoy Your Kids

Today is my oldest child’s birthday!  He is 5 years old today.  So why not incorporate children into the ReGroup series too?

14.  Enjoy Your Kids

Guess what?  We’re all busy.  I feel like it’s become a badge of honor to say you are too busy to do something.  It’s not (side note:  read Kevin DeYoung’s book, “Crazy Busy”).  Have you ever heard a child say their parents were too busy to do something with them?  Well, I have and it’s heartbreaking.  Have you ever heard a young adult say they don’t really remember their mom or dad being around because they were so busy?  I have and that’s just as heartbreaking.  I’m here to tell you that if you don’t enjoy your kids now they will find someone who does enjoy their company–other kids, someone else’s parents, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, etc.  Is that what you really want?  Probably not.

Let me tell you how this plays out in our house.  Our kids love to have “picnics” in the living room.  A couple of times a week we will let them eat dinner on a blanket in the living room, they love it!  It’s simple to do and keeps them out of the kitchen while I make dinner.  Another way this plays out is letting my daughter pick things out for me.  The other day we were at Hobby Lobby and they had some bracelets at the front of the store for $2.99 (well played Hobby Lobby).  Harper picks one up and says, “You ike tis?”  I said I did and she said, “You wear it today.”  I bought the bracelet and wore it the rest of the day and she told everyone that she bought my bracelet and it was so pretty.  Now, lucky for me, the bracelet is pretty colorful and I don’t mind wearing it.  Enjoying your kids isn’t about letting them run your life, it’s simply enjoying their company and not being so annoyed that they are around.  I mean really, you did bring them into your world…act like you want them in your world.  

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