Challenge / ReGroup

ReGroup: Change Your Self Talk

“This doesn’t look good on me.”

“My hair is too big today.”

“I never liked these pants.”

“All I’ll ever be is a/an…”

Those are things we all say or have said at one time to ourselves.  Most of us don’t walk around like Eeyore, we really try to keep it together on the outside.  I’m not saying we all need to walk around with our feelings on our sleeves; no body has time for that nonsense.  But we do need to change the way we think about ourselves and what we say to ourselves.

15.  Change Your Self Talk

Self talk is that stuff you say to yourself, the way you really feel about yourself, the things you are probably not telling anyone else except maybe your spouse.  A couple of months ago I read an article on stress management from the Mayo Clinic.  It has some really good insight on self talk and how to turn it around.  For example, instead of thinking you don’t have the resources to do something maybe you should get creative and think outside the box and make something new or use something you already own.  Or instead of slamming yourself because you’ve never done something convince yourself you can do it and you will try.

A couple of months ago I was telling a friend of mine about a discussion I had with my doctor.  I had been put on medication that made it very difficult to lose weight and I had been trying harder to lose weight this year.  My doctor told me that perhaps I should change my mindset and just try to maintain my weight instead lose because I would only make myself more discouraged.  What did my friend say?  “Girl, that is Satan!  Get that out of your head!  That is a defeated attitude.  We will show that doctor!”  I had agreed with the doctor because I know my weight loss is hard and what she said made perfect sense.  But, my friend was right, I needed to be more positive, stay on track with what God was showing me with my health journey this year.

The Mayo Clinic article also gave good tips for getting positive and staying positive:

Be open to humor.

Stay around positive people.

Practice positive self-talk.

The New Living Translations says this in Proverbs 17:22, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.”  I know life is hard and sometimes it down right sucks but there is always something good in your life.  Your kids are getting on your nerves?  At least you can have kids or the money to adopt kids.  The dinner you slaved over tasted like poop?  At least you had money to buy food and house to cook in.  You have no clothes that fit right?  Maybe you’ve lost weight and your clothes are getting too big.  The list goes on and on.

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