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ReGroup: Make Christmas Lists

I’m a list maker.  Really, I love making lists.  One of my favorite features on my phone is the Notes app.  I can make lists wherever I am.  The current lists I have on my phone are:  Groceries, Christmas Lists, Doctor Notes, At Work, etc.  You get the idea.  Surely, by now you’ve noticed that part of regrouping is getting organized.  One of the best ways to get organized is to make a list.  One of the most hectic season of anyone’s life is Christmas.  Therefore, today’s post is…

18.  Make Christmas Lists

I know it’s only October but why not start on the craziness that is Christmas.  My goal is always to have the majority of my Christmas shopping done by Black Friday or at least finished on Black Friday.  I keep running Christmas lists for my kids (on my phone) throughout the year to keep track of all their wants and needs so when one of their grandparents ask I’m ready to provide a list.  Same goes for me, of course.  If you are not comfortable with the idea of Christmas shopping in October at least start making your list of what you are wanting to buy people.

My favorite app for such things is, “Santa’s Bag.”  This app keeps track of everything, your budget, what you have bought, what you have wrapped, where you put it after you wrapped it, etc!  Here is a screenshot I found online that shows you all the options that are available.

2014-10-09 20.39.02

List makers, rejoice!  Download this app and start figuring out what you are going to buy everyone…even if you are not comfortable with actually purchasing the item(s).

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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