Challenge / ReGroup

ReGroup: Be Amazed

My name is Cary and I’m a bad blogger.  Forgive me.  When planning the #Write31Days challenge I did not plan on getting sick.  I was going to fill in the dates with what I originally mapped out for the month but God impressed on me today while washing my daughter’s long tangled hair in the kitchen sink tonight that I have a lot to be amazed about.

20.  Be amazed.

A common theme in the ReGroup series has been cleaning out, organizing, and purging.  Another theme we must visit is being amazed.  There are several things that still amaze me, no matter my age.

1.  Being able to fly ABOVE the clouds when on an airplane.
2.  The magnitude of tornadoes and hurricanes and tsunamis.
3.  A growing child in a mother’s womb.
4.  A child’s brain learning new things.
5.  Gratitude of complete strangers.
6.  God’s faithfulness on a depraved generation.
7.  Wireless internet.
8.  Perfectly calm nights.
9.  Watching a child laugh at the most ridiculous things.
10.Constant encouragement of believers.

Those are only ten things that occurred to me today.  I should constantly be in amazement of what God does all around us on a daily basis or even a minute-by-minute basis.  Even now, I’m completely astounded at the way He orchestrates this world we live in, this world that He created, this world He loved so much He sent His one and only Son to die for (John 3:16).  Amazed.

Life is hard, I get it, I live in this life, it’s hard.  But sometimes we just need to be amazed.  

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