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ReGroup: Meal Plans

ReGrouping is hard.  It’s hard to get everything going in the same direction and keep it going in the same direction.  There is always something going on, something being cancelled, someone calling, someone texting, something (fill in the blank).  This is a pretty practical post for the ReGroup journey.

23.  Meal Plans

I’ve already posted about my love for lists and planners.  Another practice I try really hard to keep going is a meal plan.  When I take inventory of the kitchen spaces I make meal plans based off what I already have.  When I make my grocery list I try to make meal plans and buy according to the plan.

Let’s say, you are on your way home from work and you have no idea what’s for dinner.  For that matter, you don’t even know what you have at home.  The solution:  Chick-Fil-A.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Chick-Fil-A just as much as the next person but I’m confident my waist would quadruple if I ate it every time I didn’t have a meal plan or didn’t feel like cooking.  Here are somethings to remember when making your meal plan:

1.  Look at your calendar.  We used to host a home group every Tuesday night in our house.  On Tuesday nights the meal plan was always a quick meal or crock pot meal.  Nothing to labor intensive.  Now, on Saturdays I have more time to do things so I will cook breakfast, cook lunch, and cook dinner.

2.  Write it down.  I keep the meals written on our family weekly calendar because sometimes I forget what I was going to make for dinner but I know I have it written down.

3.  Be flexible.  There have been times when my husband will ask what my plans are for dinner and I tell him what’s on the meal plan and his nose crinkles and he suggests something.  If we have what he wants in the house and adjust the meal plan accordingly.

Do you keep a meal plan?

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