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Christmas Resources

Christmas and Easter are two beastly events on the church calendar therefore, they are equally beastly in the minister’s home.  During these seasons we must be more intentional about the true meaning of the holidays yet also still have joy no matter how draining our day has been.  This was a different animal when we didn’t have kids.  Before we could be super busy, not put up a Christmas tree, and go all the time.  But with kids life is different.  Even though my husband and I both work at the church we must be intentional about showing our kids the joyful sides of these hectic seasons.  

In our home this looks like new coloring books, new books to read, and new videos to watch.  I don’t really set the expectations high in my house for Pinterest worthy crafts every night.  On the newly formed “Christmas Resources” page I have included a list of what we have used in the past and what we are currently using.

The most important thing about celebrating holidays in a ministry home is to be intentional.  Be intentional about your dinner table talk, be intentional about the books you are reading, be intentional about how you are spending your money, and be intentional about how you are spending your time.  Your children notice EVERYTHING about you.   Let them notice your good spirits and joyful attitude this holiday season.

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