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10 Days Until Christmas

Today I was off from work relaxing at home and catching up on some reading. I was several days behind in my Advent readings for “The Greatest Gift,” and She Reads Truth.

I’m caught up on both now and reflecting on the masses I’ve read:
“…there is one God who was cut open for you. He let His blood run so you can stop running.”
“You know you have an idol whenever you have to perform.”
“Every moment you live, you live bowed to something.
“It’s our wavering between gods that has us sinking.”

And that’s only one day of reading! Here we are ten days from Christmas. Here I am pondering my year and myself and wondering how to be better and do better. Why do I keep doing the same things over and over? Disappointing others and my God. Discontent is, more than likely, the root. I get bored, surf social media, see a book I want, see a thing I want, see a thing I want to eat. So I buy the book, buy the thing, buy the thing I want to eat, don’t finish the book, don’t really like the thing, don’t really like the thing I ate, and ultimately find myself here. Here with remorse and disappointment that I’ve done it again.

I don’t have a magical long term solution (besides just stop doing it). I do have a short, 10 day experiment. First of all, I deleted my Amazon Wish List. Next, I deactivated my Facebook account for 10 days. And lastly, I deleted Twitter, Instagram, Old Navy, Gap, Pinterest, and Etsy from my phone. If I have something to share, I’ll share it here. Discontent is a disease that rots every part of our being. It glitters and shines and fails. The glitter wears off, the shine loses its luster and we’re left with stuff and weight and inches we never needed.

“The world has been too much with me.” A.W. Tozer

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