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#NowYouKnow : Migraines

I started getting migraines in my twenties and was put on a migraine medicine that made my heart race. When you can feel your heart beating in your chest it’s not good. I stopped taking it. I started taking over the counter medicines that worked but took longer to get rid of the migraine.

Today I had a migraine like in the old days. It started slow as soon as I woke up, I drank some coffee because that is my go-to for a morning headache. It did not work. By the time church was over my head hurt, my eyes hurt, my neck hurt, and I was getting nauseous. We drove straight home and my husband heated up some chicken tacquitos so I could take some prescription medicine. If I were to take it on an empty stomach it would have been a whole other level of horrible.

I instantly fell asleep and woke up 3 hours later. My head still hurt and the bedroom was still spinning but it was a little better. I took a hot bath that consisted of Epsom salt, lavender oil, and eucalyptus oil. Followed by, what I call, a casserole smoothie (post to follow later).

Now, I’m laying in bed catching up on Jimmy Fallon. Why did I tell you all this? Rest easy, do what works for you, know your body, and be okay with it. Some people are all about prescriptions, some people are all about essential oils. You do what makes you feel better.

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