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Me & The Daniel Plan

This time last year I was preparing to lead a group through Rick Warren’s book, “The Daniel Plan.”  I love the Daniel Plan.  Do I always follow the Daniel Plan?  No.  Do I believe everything in the book?  Yes.

The single greatest thing about the Daniel Plan is it is NOT a beat down.  We beat ourselves up everyday for the dumbest things.  The Daniel Plan is encouraging, beneficial, and spot on as far as marrying the Bible your health.  

Everyone is looking for something healthy to start this new year.  Buy the Daniel Plan book and read it.  Tell your friends about it, start a small group and go through it as a small group, watch the videos on their website.  Learn some stuff.  I know that sounded super intelligent, but really.  Learn some things about your body and how it operates.  This book is not Rick Warren’s opinion about what’s healthy and good for you.  This book’s chapters are devoted to what Warren calls, “The Essentials.”  There is an expert for each essential…real experts that have published their own books already.

To show you my belief in the Daniel Plan I’m opening up a Daniel Plan Detox Challenge.  Here’s the details:

Start date:  January 15th
Purchase and read, “The Daniel Plan,” by Rick Warren BEFORE January 15th
Start clearing out your pantry and fridge BEFORE January 15th

I’m starting this challenge on January 15th to give you time to purchase your book and READ IT before the detox starts.  The detox is only 10 days and it’s included in the back of the book with meal plans and recipes.  You really have no excuses.  Surely you can do 10 days.  You will also have time to rid your fridge and pantry of junk food that you have acquired from Christmas and New Years parties.  And lastly, you have time to prep your family for January 15th.  That’s always fun.  Stay tuned here and my various other social media outlets for more information leading up to January 15th.  Let me know when you buy your book.


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