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Daniel Plan Detox: Drinks

Confession: I do not omit caffeine on the detox. I do limit it to one cup in the morning with nothing in it. I normally only put half and half in my coffee so I basically cut out the dairy.

That being said, here’s what I do drink: water, decaf unsweet tea (yes, there is such a thing), lemon water, and sparkling water.


When I’m at a restaurant I will order water with extra lemons. When I’m at home and I’m tired of drinking water I will drink lemon water. The easiest way for me to keep it on hand is with an infusion pitcher I bought at Target. Mine is not exactly like the one pictured above but it is very similar. I typically cut the ends off the lemons (and use them to freshen my garbage disposal) and then quarter the middle and put as much as I can down the middle of the pitcher. Pour water over the middle and leave it in the fridge. Done!

Easy peasy! Drink up to Day 2!

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