Book Review

Book Review: Fight Back With Joy

Fight Back with Joy“More than whimsy, joy is a weapon we use to fight life’s battles.”  When I read that line in Margaret Feinberg’s latest book, “Fight Back With Joy,” I instantly knew I would love this book.  Before I finished the first chapter I knew 10 people that needed this book in their life.  Joy is hard.  Joy requires intentionality.  In this book Margaret Feinberg chronicles her story of breast cancer and how she CHOSE to fight back with joy.

Sure, not all of us have a cancer diagnosis looming in our life but we all have that thing that is always trying to steal our joy.  Troubled children, troubled marriage, divorces, step kids, mental illness, less than stellar job situation, and on and on.  Margaret says in the very first chapter, “Though the struggles we face are different, no one escapes this life unscathed.”  She follows that with, “Joy is far more dynamic, forceful weapon than most of us realize.  The abiding sense that you are fiercely loved by God?  That kind of joy empowers you to rise above any circumstance.”  I love the term, “fiercely loved by God.”  We so often forget how much God loves us even in the midst of our own “cancer.”

If you are not familiar with Margaret Feinberg this book is a great introduction to her writing style (which includes “Bonus Tracks at the end of the book) and her vibrant personality.  I’m sure after you read it you will realize that you are long lost friends and next time you are in Colorado you will want to hang out with her.  I know I do.  She closes this book with a compelling statement about life, “I can hear the cannon fire in the distance from battles I may be able to delay but cannot avoid…I have only begun to fight back with joy.”

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