Israel Trip: Day 1 Travel

March 10, 2015

We arrived at XNA (airport in Northwest Arkansas) around 9:30 AM to catch a 12:20 PM flight to Charlotte, North Carolina.  About 3:00 PM we arrived in Charlotte and immediately went to board our last flight for Philadelphia.  We arrived in Philadelphia and had a couple of hours to spare so we ate a late lunch at Cantina Laredo in the airport.  Thank goodness for Cantina Laredo in the Philadelphia airport!  It was good we had a three hour layover in Philadelphia because it took all of that to get from one end of the airport to the other for that meal!

Around 8:00 PM we went through a second round of security to board our flight to Tel Aviv.  It was either TSA or the Israeli equivalent to TSA.  But when you are trying to get 300 people through two security entries and one metal detector it can be a bit stressful.  “Move forward!  Take your shoes off!  Walk through!”  I actually overheard a woman tell her husband, “Oh my gosh!  I feel like I’ve been to Hell and back.”  Well, I can imagine Hell will be a lot worse than the minor inconvenience of Israeli security.


Our flight to Tel Aviv was overnight and I will tell you…I did not sleep much.  We were the middle two seats on the row of four.  I thought I would go to the bathroom every time the man on the left got up.  Well, he popped two pills, put a sleep mask on and didn’t wake up until they served breakfast!  A couple of hours into our flight we were brought our dinner and here’s travel lesson #245:  When flying United (or American Airlines) order a kosher meal.  The gentleman to my left had a kosher meal and it looked 10 times than mine.

Once our meal was over I read some and watched a movie.  I tried to sleep to some Yo Yo Ma but I simply could not get comfortable.

Take Aways from Day 1:

Request outer two aisles on large flights, if possible.

If possible, spring for First Class on International flights.

Request kosher meals.

Relax.  Even if you can’t sleep just relax.

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