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Mary on Saturday

I’m interrupting my Israel posts to reflect on the Saturday between Good Friday and He Has Risen Sunday.  Last night was our church’s Good Friday program and with several hundred Easter programs this weekend there was a dramatic element giving us all a visual of Jesus being beaten, hung on the cross, and put in a tomb.  But what struck me most during this portrayal was Mary, Jesus’ mom.  We assume she is a widow because you never hear of Joseph again.

Mary-6Why did she go to watch her son be crucified?

How could she witness such a site?

What did she do when darkness came?  He was in the tomb and she stone finished it.

Did she know He would rise again?  Did she know He would leave that tomb?

What must her Saturday have been like?  She witnessed an all day execution of her first born son and, more than likely, came home to His siblings who didn’t believe He was the Messiah.  I cannot imagine.  The heaviness in her heart.  The heaviness in her spirit.  The heaviness in that home.

Reflect on Mary’s Saturday today.

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