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Take Heart Small Group Leader

I love small groups.  I love to teach small groups.  My dorky self loves to find new small group material.  I even, on occasion like to write small group material.  But being a small group leader is hard…even if you do love it.

Leading a small group is hard for many reasons.  You do your homework and prepare a lesson and 2 people show up.  That’s hard.  You do your homework and prepare a lesson and more than two people show up but they don’t come back next week.  That’s hard.  You do your homework and prepare a lesson, new people show up, they love it, you get a text later that someone doesn’t like your group.  That hard.  You work full time and stay up late to prepare a lesson and wake up needing more coffee than the day before and then realize no one has clean socks in your house.  That’s hard.

Being a small group leader is hard but guess what?  People are hard.  If you are going to work with people you must know they are hard.  Once you get to know them they will share their hard stuff with you.  That is hard.  Life is hard.  But guess what?  I’m being reminded on a daily basis that God is in control.  Whether it feels like it or not, God is in control.  He’s in control of your small group.  He’s in control when it seems like you are spinning on a hamster wheel going no where fast.  He’s in control when a group member confides in you and your brain is reeling.  He is in control.

Take heart, Small Group Leader…

One thought on “Take Heart Small Group Leader

  1. This is so true! My small group went from 10 consistent members last year to three! One of my sweet girls’ moms asked if we would quit leading if there were only a couple girls coming. The beauty of being a small group leader is that none of us signed up to have the biggest community or to have the most attendees, or to have the best lesson plans, we signed up to disciple! Praise Jesus that we can still do that with 1 person present, in our busiest moments, on our worst days and when we are flying by the seat of our pants.

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